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Noun1.Khowar - a Dardic language spoken in northwestern Pakistan
Dard, Dardic, Dardic language - any of a group of Indic languages spoken in Kashmir and eastern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan
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The people of Immit speak Khowar, Shina, Wakhi and Gujjari languages.
Poets presented their poetic pieces in Urdu, Pashto, Hindko, Seraiki, Khowar, Persian, Arabic and English and garnered appreciation from the audience.
PESHAWAR -- President Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Faiz Mohammad Faizi has paid tribute to Federal Minister for Commerce, Abdul Razak Daud, Ambassador of Afghanistan, Atif Mashal and other relevant officials for clearance of thousands of empty containers and trucks stuck at Khowar Maidan area of Afghanistan.
Later, it was extended to Brushaski, Wakhi and Khowar local languages.
Local people paid glowing tribute to Maula Nigah, saying that he was serving as a teacher of Khowar language in Chitral and hundreds of students learned the language from him.
The ethno-linguistic groups that participated in the study included: Balochi, Balti, Burushaski, Khowar, Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki, and Shina, speakers.
Music of Reed Instrument and pure Chtirali Sitrar, and Pasture Flute, Khowar Poetry, Folklore and Fairy Tales, stall of traditional cuisines.
Hindkowans, Kalash, Ismailis, Burusho, Brahui, Khowar, Shina, Turwalis and Dardic etc), tribal people of Potohar Region and the tribal people of Kyber Pukhtunkhwa province.
Treasury Department also designated Abdullah Khowar and Salem al-Kawary, both of whom live in Qatar, accusing them of providing "financial and logistical support" to al-Qaeda.
Highlighting the performance of Gandhara Hindko Board, he revealed that GHB is successfully publishing nine different magazines including Hindkowaan Sarkhel, Hindko Adab, Taray, Gandhara Voice, Hindkowaan Times, Chini Khana, Hindkowaan Online, Mother and Khowar Nama on weekly and quarterly basis.
The present study was carried out to analyze acoustic differences between the male and female speakers of Khowar language in the area of English lexical stress after they had studied it for one month.
In 1990 DeLancey was less certain about the touchstone quality of the pure Hare mirative, writing of lo in Hare that "precisely this semantic category occurs in the evidential systems of at least three other unrelated languages", namely Turkish, Tibetan, and "the Dardic languages Kalasha and Khowar" (4) (DeLancey 1990: 157).