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Noun1.Khuen - a branch of the Tai languages
Tai - the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
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Kuek Tian Yuan once again captained Blustar with 19 points and three rebounds, as Ma Chee Khuen had an all-around game with 15 markers, eight boards, four assists, and two steals.
Sonthi' khuen wethi na chong 5 nun muanchon su phuea patirup prathet--yam thahan tong ok mai ao nayok khon klang" ["Sonthi" goes on stage in front of channel 5 to support the people's fight to reform the country--encourages soldiers to act and says no to neutral prime minister], 9 May 2014 <http://www.
Khuen je za bana postavljen kao pacifikator Banske Hrvatske, te je vodio klasicnu politiku divide et impera, poticao protivstine i manipulirao svim mogucim razlikama izmelu Hrvata i Srba u Hrvatskoj, ukljucivsi kulturne razlike, ukratko--sustavno je stvarao razdor.
Director military business arm for ST Aero, Loh Piang Khuen, said : 'The Oman modernization was a highly compressed program'.
The original text reads: 'Ma ruam kan pai ku chat khong rao khuen.
Third, before a Saw vocalist gives a public performance, the Khuen Kru Saw or Yok Kan Tang ceremony is conducted.
Thammai thang kanjungsong kamlangtamruad pai pheumwai thii changwad Narathiwat haeng diaw taonaan raw kap ja ruu waa aria ja kuet khuen thii Narathiwat thangthang thii Haji Sulong thuuk jap thii Patani lae klum puunam Muslim thii nam kankhluenwai thang kanmueng kawh yue thii Patani.
Ya en verano de 1619 escribio el conde de Onate a Madrid que Juan Ulrico de Eggenberg, Carlos de Harrach y Siegfried Cristobal Breuner habian formado una <<faccion>> mediante la cual querian limitar la influencia del consejero imperial Juan Eusebio Khuen de Belasa.