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Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning Of Ductable Split Ac Units For Ser Dcc Ups And Ter Rooms At Khyber Pass Depot Of Dmrc
Khyber Pass owners Amjad Bhatti and Mohammed Basit admitted food hygiene charges at the city's crown court and got four months' jail, suspended a year, plus 250 hours' unpaid work.
Afridi's office is on the road leading from the city of Peshawar, through the Khyber Pass, to the Afghan border.
Closed in 2007 due to a deteriorating security situation in FATA, the world famous train resumed its journey again from Cantt Railways Station to Attock Kurd instead of its old track from Attock to Landikotal by cross over historical Khyber Pass.
While the artificial tomb of Qauid-e-Azam, Khyber Pass, Khujak tunnel, Balochi tribal tent, Balochistan fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Shahi fort and other important places were placed in the Azadi train.
The attack took place in the parking compound of a NATO base near the Torkham crossing on the Pakistani border, near the Khyber Pass and a main supply route for NATO-led forces in land-locked Afghanistan, Reuters reported.
However, he has failed twice since and could be vulnerable to a less-exposed runner such as Khyber Pass, who ran well in two outings at Dundalk at the end of last year and again showed ability there on his recent reappearance.
The Zakha Khel tribe has been fighting the local warlord Mangal Khan, whose fighters are often involved in attacks on NATO containers transiting through the Khyber Pass.
Reacting to the incident, Pakistan had suspended supply convoys along the Khyber Pass route, which links Peshawar in Pakistan with Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, and lodged a protest with the NATO command in Brussels, demanding an apology.
Around January 2006, I proposed to Abdur Rehman Hashim to take him to the Khyber Pass to introduce him to some of my old contacts of drug- dealing days," Headley says, dropping a hint about his earlier work for the US Drug Administration Agency on the Pakistan- Afghanistan border.
In a short statement issued on Saturday, the Pakistani foreign ministry said it had decided to reopen the Khyber Pass crossing after assessing the security situation in all its aspects".
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond (Sid James) is in charge of the motley kilted crew of the Third Foot and Mouth regiment at a British outpost in the Khyber Pass.