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a.1.Chapped; cracked with cold; affected with chilblains; as, kibed heels.
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So, for this play, the foot becomes an appendage in crisis, looking for the ground, keeping (or refusing) faith with it, enduring its unavailability, galled and kibed and sore and bootless.
County [then Kibed, Austro-Hungarian empire]) to the children he cared for without knowing that she was being listened to--later, Bartok sought to replicate the circumstances of this first random collection of folklore, in the sense of the rules to follow on its correct reception; the considerations were outlined in Pourquoi et comment recueille-t-on la musiquepopulaire?
If it be starving weather, and to the proper troubles of his hard occupation, a pair of kibed heels (14) (no unusual accompaniment) be superadded, the demand on thy humanity will surely rise to a tester.