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n. pl. Kickapoo or Kick·a·poos
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, with small present-day populations in Kansas, Oklahoma, southern Texas, and northern Mexico.
2. The Algonquian language of the Kickapoo.
References in classic literature ?
The Hottentots and Kickapoos are very well in their way.
This done, we wait until the palace is half-way up, and then we pay some tasty architect to run us up an ornamental mud hovel, right against it; or a Down-East or Dutch Pagoda, or a pig-sty, or an ingenious little bit of fancy work, either Esquimau, Kickapoo, or Hottentot.
O homem que fora consumido: Uma historia das velhas campanhas dos Bugaboos e Kickapoos [The Man That Was Used Up: A Tale of the Late Bugaboo and Kickapoo Campaign, 1839] (Poe, 1978q) compreende todos esses assuntos, alem do tema da democracia jacksoniana e sua politica de Remocao indigena.
The Kickapoos could forestall the inevitable no longer than May 23,1895, however, when 10,000 more Boomers and Sooners charged into the area to claim a homestead or town lot.
Alas, the actual Indians were never Kickapoos but primarily Eastern tribes like the Iroquois and tribes from the West like the Sioux, Blackfoot, and Cherokee.
He documents the conflicts between Mexican soldiers and the region's Indians, and American settlers' battles with immigrant Seminoles, Creeks, Cherokees, and Kickapoos who had fled southeastern removal sites in the 1830s.
Ellsworth at Fort Leavenworth, the Kickapoos said, "We are afraid of the wicked water brought us by our white friends.
I'm sending you across the Rio Grande after the Lipans, Kickapoos, and the Apaches.
Instead, as the Kickapoos break in the tables without expertise or government assistance, the deck has quietly been stacked against them.
Halley describes the legacy of the non-Comanche tribes, including the Tonkawas of the west and the Delawares, Kickapoos and Cherokees of the east.
11) Shawnees, Delawares, Kickapoos, and Anishinabes (Chippewas) speak languages like that.