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n.1.Something fantastical; any trifling, trumpery thing; a toy.
Art thou good at these kickshawses!
- Shak.
2.A fancy dish; a tidbit; a delicacy.
Some pigeons, . . . a joint of mutton, and any pretty little tiny kickshaws.
- Shak.
Cressy was lost by kickshaws and soup-maigre.
- Fenton.
References in classic literature ?
Every copper I've got went to pay the bearers here and to buy the kickshaws and rum for old What's-his-name, and I'm not anxious to start again as a pauper.
"I hope," said another, "it will be, mainly, good substantial joints, sirloins, spareribs, and hinder quarters, without too many kickshaws. If I thought the good lady would not take it amiss, I should call for a fat slice of fried bacon to begin with."
Sapsea that evening, no kickshaw ditties, favourites with national enemies, but gave him the genuine George the Third home-brewed; exhorting him (as 'my brave boys') to reduce to a smashed condition all other islands but this island, and all continents, peninsulas, isthmuses, promontories, and other geographical forms of land soever, besides sweeping the seas in all directions.
"Return whence you came; take back those horrible vegetables, and that poor kickshaw! Order a larded hare, a fat capon, mutton leg dressed with garlic, and four bottles of old Burgundy."
* Dave Morice introduced word-unit examples and wondered whether letter-unit forms could be composed (Kickshaws, Word Ways: Vol.
In the kitchen there was a great quantity of frogs among the dishes; adders' skins, with little children's fingers inside; salad of mushroom-seed; wet mice's snouts and hemlock; beer, from the brewery of the old Witch of the Moor; sparkling saltpetre wine from a grave-cellar,-- all very substantial eating: rusty nails and church-window glass were among the delicacies and kickshaws.
Curry was not uncommon in Birmingham restaurants and even Mrs Beeton - that quintessentially English manager of the household - had recipes for what she called 'kickshaws' in her cookery book.
This eulogy for a eu-logologist, sent to Kickshaws Jan.'17, was unused.
Since the much-regretted demise of Kickshaws, I shall be using this title for my kickshaws as a sort of regular 'column'.
I've counted over 200 articles under my name, plus some Kickshaws columns, and various offerings in Colloquy.
In a Kickshaws item entitled The Disappearing Doubles (Word Ways November 2009 p 281), I removed A to Z pairs of doubled letters from a word to form a new word.
This Kickshaws colu(mn is dedicated to the memory of Ross Eckler, a giant in the field of wordplay, a person who knew the English language and a vast number pf amazing words.