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n.1.(Zool.) The Cornish chough. See under Chough.
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"Ahem!" said Colonel Killigrew, who believed not a word of the doctor's story; "and what may be the effect of this fluid on the human frame?"
"My dear widow, you are charming!" cried Colonel Killigrew, whose eyes had been fixed upon her face, while the shadows of age were flitting from it like darkness from the crimson daybreak.
The fair widow knew, of old, that Colonel Killigrew's compliments were not always measured by sober truth; so she started up and ran to the mirror, still dreading that the ugly visage of an old woman would meet her gaze.
e., Miss) Anne Killigrew, one of the Queen's maids of honor, is full, thanks to Cowley's example, of
1732 under Letters Patent granted by his late Majesty King Charles the 2d to Sr Willm Davenant & Mr Killigrew. Patent was united to Sr Wm Davenant in 1682.
As Killigrew's troupe roll their eyes and mutter about "an actor-ess" joining them, they wonder what will happen next.
In the two-part play The Rover, much influenced by the writings of the royalist exile Thomas Killigrew, we encounter a transformation of the concept of nationhood as previously understood.
(28) Kirby, Lessee of Killigrew and Prodger v Gibs (1666), 2 Keb 294, 84 ER 183 (KB).
On display are the monumentalizing ambitions of such writers (and/or, as Genette would have it, of their 'allies') as William Alexander, Thomas Carew, Samuel Daniel, George Gascoigne, the now obscure Robert Gomersall, Fulke Greville, Thomas Heywood, Ben Jonson, Thomas Killigrew, 'the onely Rare Poet of that Time, The Witie, Comicall, Facetiously-Quicke and vparalelld' John Lyly, John Marston, Thomas Middleton, Thomas Newman, Thomas Norton, Thomas Randolph, John Tatham, the various translators of Seneca, Sir Philip Sidney, and, of course, William Shakespeare.
Like other women writers, Chudleigh knew that public censure was often cruel to women, another possible reason the "disapprov[ing]" speaker of the "Song" tries to persuade Lerinda to "cease admiring" the "Crouds and Noises" and retire with her to "some Cell." Another late Stuart writer and literary descendant of Philips, Anne Killigrew, for example, defends her verse after suffering for her writing in "Upon the saying that my verses were made by another" (included with Killigrew's posthumously published Poems in 1686).
Killigrew, Some Aspects of the Sino-Nepalese War of 1792, 13 J.
Anne Killigrew's posthumously published Poems (1686), the only known collection of verse written in her short lifetime, includes several important depictions of Catherine of Braganza, Charles II's foreign, Catholic queen.