v. t.1.To dry in a kiln; as, to kiln-dry meal or grain.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Toughen and kiln-dry in a couple days in a mild but unvarying temperature.
Shortly after, Excel Forest Products (later owned by Tembec) bought the building and used it to kiln-dry wood.
"A mill that makes door and window frames can quickly kiln-dry their wood," Henderson says.
To veneer panels right is a science; to kiln-dry wood is a science; to finish right is a science.
BMW also installed a smaller boiler - a $150,000-investment - to complement a larger on-site boiler to give the mill some flexibility to kiln-dry hardwood lumber for smaller batches, which customers demand.
Charge 1 Charge 2 Mean Volume, [m.sup.3] 0.065 0.066 0.066 Initial weight, kg 30.0 30.3 30.2 Final weight (kiln-dry), kg 25.4 26.0 25.7 MC green, % 27.1 26.6 26.9 MC final, % 8.1 8.4 8.3 Table 3.--Summary of total sampling and calibration times.
The relationship of kiln-dry treatment to MOE varied with different percentile levels, sometimes appearing lower or higher than the relationship of the press-drying treatments to MOE.
Therefore, though it appears that the upper percentile of the mature groups showed a specific relationship to the kiln-dry treatment, there was really no relationship since the higher two groups were opposite in both temperature and pressure treatment.
Average terpenes Calculated emissions as carbon (%) (lbC/dry ton) Green sapwood 0.235 1.96 Kiln-dry sapwood 0.125 1.96 Green heartwood 1.52 10.6 Kiln-dry heartwood 0.915 10.6 Table 3.