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360 per kilogramme, also 70 rupees above the official prices fixed by the local administration.
According to the price list, the wholesale price of flour bag weighing 20 kilogramme had been fixed as Rs.
Prices of a 16 kilogramme tin of ghee and oil of Meezan, Hila and Kissan brand of items have sharply gone up during the last one week as the increase by the concerned companies was notified two to three times during the last one week.
100-200 per kilogramme (depending on their quality), water melon for Rs.
Apart from Rs 2 billion subsidy on different items, the government has also allocated Rs 1 billion subsidy on sale of sugar at Rs 55 per kilogramme at USC outlets, while in open market the rate of the commodity was in the range of Rs 65 to Rs 70 per kilogramme.
Wholesale price of the commodity also surged to Rs 62 to 63 per kilogramme compared to old prices of Rs 57 to 58 per kilogramme.
Currently, sugar is available at majority of city's retail outlets in the range of Rs 60 to Rs 62 per kilogramme, which is not in conformity with its declining rates in the international market.
On Saturday wheat rates in open market went up to Rs 2400 per 100 kilogramme bag compared to old rates of Rs 2225 per 100 kilogramme bag, showing an increase of Rs 175 per 100 kilogramme bag.
5 Kilogrammes; psychotropic substances 1,122 kilogrammes; Cocaine 1,507 Kilogrammes and Heroin 0.
84 kilogrammes was massive for a newborn, and it could be the biggest baby born in New Zealand.
Participating schools and organisations were given a target to collect 1000 kilogrammes of paper, 500 kilogrammes of plastics, 100 mobile phones, 500 kilogrammes of TetraPak, 100 kilogrammes of cans or 150 toners, all in a span of 15 days.
1 million kilogrammes followed closely by Egypt which absorbed 36.