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Noun1.Kilroy - a nonexistent person popularized by American servicemen during World War II; "Kilroy was here"
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The BBC's contract with Kilroy Television runs until summer and the show will be reviewed then.
Kilroy Realty Corporation (NYSE:KRC) signed a 10-year lease with Okta Inc (NASDAQ:OKTA) for 207,000 sq ft of space at Kilroy Realty's 100 First Street office property in San Francisco.
Ali's former business manager, Gene Kilroy, said the fighter - who has long suffered from Parkinson's - particularly enjoyed a big birthday cake in the celebration Thursday at his home in a gated community just outside Phoenix.
The Jackson Kayaks Kilroy is a sit-inside kayakthat fishes more like a Sit-On-Top (SOD 'yak.
Intel's senior vice president Tom Kilroy talks about future of ultrabooks
Bald, sad, long-nosed, and peering over a wall, Kilroy was there.
Becoming so close with all of my teammates, having a successful season as a team," Kilroy said.
Danny Beauchamp, 23, is the son that former chat show host Kilroy has never met and tried for years to keep secret.
But after shouting "I've won", Kilroy was told he had not completed the challenge and had to go back.
HILLS have cut Robert Kilroy Silk's Celebrity Big Brother price from 16-1 to 10-1 as punters have piled on the former king of daytime TV.
This paper examines the unconventional Career path of Father Edmund Burke Kilroy (1830-1904), and the primary reason behind his decision to leave the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1859 and become a diocesan priest, and to reject President Abraham Lincoln' s offer of the post of first Catholic chaplain in the U.