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1. One who wears a kilt.
2. A shoe having a fringed tongue that flaps over the instep.
3. The tongue of such a shoe.


dialect Scot someone wearing a kilt, esp a soldier


(ˈkɪl ti)

1. a person who wears a kilt, esp. a member of a regiment in which the kilt is worn as part of the dress uniform.
2. a sports shoe with a fringed tongue that flaps over the lacing.
3. the tongue of such a shoe.
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Trip highlights included: Overhearing two of the Ailsa Craig Tartan Army telling locals to visit their stunning island; smiling police closing a street in St Julian's when more than 100 kilties were playing keepie-uppie with a large beach ball (so many sliding tackles on show my eyes were burning); the chant, "There's only one Andy Murray" during a flat bit in the match; ever-brilliant DJ Tam Coyle blasting out "Donald, where's your troosers?
This time Charlie Mulgrew drove at the Germans down the flank, roared on by 50,000 chest-beating kilties.
He was on Old McDonald's Kilties and on the Workman's Cigarettes packet, a brawny blacksmith, maybe making other workmen feel they'd earned their fag.
By the time the Kilties reached England in late 1915, there had been many losses to other Canadian Battalions which were serving at the front.
The group, having been a staple in the Worcester area since 1916, is often referred to as simply the Kilties.
The disciplines include the caber, standing long jump, weight for height, weight for distance, linear shot, Highland steps, kilties s dash and the skipping challenge.
It was hard to tell who was the more out of tune - the band or the rag-tag-and-bobtail kilties - though, as the musicians had managed all the songs they previously played, my money is on those foot soldiers.
Kilties, perhaps, or Heather Jocks, or a what the hell man, they're just sheep and like all the other sheep they will arl droon in the flooding tide of Political Warming that now threatens to engulf the countryside.
Around 600 kilties crammed into the corner of a ground, dancing to the Village People's YMCA as it rattled out of the PA system.
Performances by the Riverview Kilties, a Jazz Club ensemble, a Sarasota Concert Band ragtime ensemble, troubadour Bill Schustik and the Sarasota Boys Choir are among the attractions of an open house set for 1 to 4 p.
But this month I'm the 'face of' the Kilties, the new volunteer group required throughout Scotland to help officiate at the six charity Kiltwalks in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Speyside and Dundee.