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also kim·chee  (kĭm′chē)
n. pl. kim·chis also kim·chees
A usually spicy Korean dish made of vegetables, such as cabbage or radishes, that are salted, seasoned, and allowed to ferment.

[Korean kimch'i, possibly from an unattested Old Korean form *kimch'ae : kim, salty (from Middle Chinese γəı̷m; also the source of Mandarin xián) + ch'ae, vegetable, greens (from Middle Chinese tshaj`; see bok choy).]
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(Cookery) a Korean dish made from fermented cabbage or other raw vegetables, garlic, and chillies
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or kim•chee

(ˈkɪm tʃi)

a spicy Korean dish of pickled or fermented cabbage, onions, and seasonings.
[1895–1900; < Korean]
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