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A variety of peridotite forming pipes in which diamonds and garnets are often found.

[After Kimberley, a city in central South Africa where several kimberlite pipes mined for large diamonds are found.]

kim′ber·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Minerals) an intrusive igneous rock generated at great depth in the earth's mantle and consisting largely of olivine and phlogopite. It often contains diamonds
[C19: from Kimberley + -ite1]
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Noun1.kimberlite - a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds; found in South Africa and Siberia
peridotite - a dark coarse-grained igneous rock consisting principally of olivine
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(Alliance News) - Botswana Diamonds PLC said Monday it has identified potential kimberlite pipes buried at shallow depth on the diamond explorer's Thorny River project in South Africa, following geophysical work.
The company operates 11 kimberlite pipes and 16 alluvial deposits.
Long extinct diamond volcanoes called kimberlite pipes that stretch a couple of kilometres below the surface in stable terrains are largely intact.
He said they had over 80 kimberlite pipes and the biggest one was 117 hectares at surface.
It is also reported that Hungwe said he had been briefed about the discovery of kimberlite pipes rich in diamonds.
* Diamond deposits at Orapa mine located in the Central district is one of the world's largest kimberlite-type deposits which contain two kimberlite pipes, each 1,500m long and 1,000m wide.
The company added that the processing volumes in the first calendar quarter of 2014 were up 17% against the corresponding quarter of the previous year as a result of continuing improvements in mining rates as the underground ramp up progressed to full production from all three kimberlite pipes.
He played a key role in the discovery of a number of diamond bearing kimberlite pipes in Finland and went on to manage Ashton's activities in the West African nation of Mali.
This volcanic mass contained the crystallised diamond material, which was thrust up to the earth's surface to cool in lamproite and kimberlite pipes and this is where diamonds are found today.
This involves the exploration of the remaining 14 kimberlite pipes on the property, the majority of which are located within 15 kilometres of the facility's process plant.