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See Mbundu.


(ˈbʊn du, əmˈbʊn-)

n., pl. -dus, (esp. collectively) -du.
a. a member of an African people or group of peoples of N Angola.
b. the Bantu language of the Mbundu.
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A comparison of the numeral system of AN and ST brings to the fore an important fact about their lexical and semantic makeup, namely, the influence of their substrates in a core area of the vocabulary, affecting both form and the meaning of the word, as in AN kuana from Kimbundu kwana (lexical borrowing), or simply meaning alone, as in ST des-k(u)-ua "ten and one" from Kikongo kumi ye mosi, idem.
Lembrar que a mae da minha mulher, ja nasceu em Angola, nasceu na cidade do Agostinho Neto, a minha mulher nasceu em Angola e todos eles eram daquela regiao dominada pelos kimbundu e todos eles eram MPLA e eu fui ideologicamente do MPLA.
In the glossaries of Ondjaki's books, as some entries show, at least one other African language, quimbundo / Kimbundu, is denounced as alterity.
los esclavos procedentes del Congo--hablantes de kikongo, una lengua bantu (11)--y de la actual Angola, hablantes de kimbundu, tambien de la familia bantu, en la region del rio Kwanza, que desemboca en Luanda, en la costa del Atlantico.
The Angolan businesswoman has opened her hypermarket chain with the brand-name of Candando, which represents embrace in the Kimbundu language.
18) Cuyucuenda, al que mas de uno ha tratado de encontrarle un significado en nahuatl, es uno mas de los africanismos de las toponimias del litoral: en kimbundu o "lengua de Angola", kun-yu-kwenda significa "plantacion estacional" (kun- "plantio", -kwenda "irse o que se va").
According to Ndonga (personal communication, January 2008), Professor of African Languages and Linguistics, Agustino Neto University, Luanda, Angola), these languages include kiKongo, kiMbundu, uMbundu, Cokwe, Ngangela, Luvale, oshiKwanyama, and otjiHerero, Fyote, Songo, Mbangala, Lunda, Ndembo, Nyaneka and Ngoya.
A few pamphlets were written in Portuguese or in French, and in a few cases mention is made of a Kimbundu original.
An official catechist, a slave, say, who spoke Kimbundu, the language of Luanda, would address the slaves on the nature of their Christian transformation.
Soyo Zaire Recognised Kikongo, Chokwe, Umbundu, national languages Kimbundu, Ganguela, Kwanyama Ethnic Groups Ovimbundu 36% (2000) Ambundu 25% Bakongo 13% other African 22% Mestizo 2% Chinese 1% European 1% Demonym Angolan Government Unitary Presidential Republic President Jose Eduardo dos Santos Vice President Manuel Vicente Legislature National Assembly Independence From Portugal, on 11th November 1975 Size of the country Land Mass 1,246,700 [km.
Zombie comes from zobi, the ultimate source of which is most likely Kimbundu nzumbe, "departed spirit.
Calling the fruit 'Dendees', he recorded what remains its contemporary Afro-Brazilian name--'Dende', derived from the Kimbundu Bantu term 'ndende.