n.1.A tub. See Kemelin.
She knew not what a kimnel was
- Beau. & Fl.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A KIMNEL Bay based company that manufactures sophisticated precision tools for Rolls-Royce and other automotive and aerospace companies is creating 23 new jobs.
After the disastrous floods of Kimnel Bay, Towyn, and Pensarn, would the lessons be right in front of the faces of developers, and the councils?
To bake the best cheat bread, which is also simply of wheat only, you shall, after your meal is dressed and bolted through a more coarse bolter than was used for your manchets, and put also into a clean tub, trough or kimnel, take a sour leaven, that is a piece of such like leaven saved from your former batch, and well filled with salt, and so laid up to sour, and this sour leaven you shall break in small pieces into warm water , and then strain it; which done make a deep hollow hole ...
The team of Alun Blythin, from Llandudno, Alan Price, from Kimnel Bay, Shane Russell, from Colwyn Bay, and Cardiff anglers Andrew Hutchings, Chris Read and Joe Arch, together with manager Peter Corker, took the silver medal when they finished in second place - just one point behind the winning Dutch team.
The STAG 31 campaign group (Stop the Truckstop Action Group) claim there are more suitable sites, such as St Asaph business park and the industrial estates at Deeside and Kimnel, while a lorry park already exists at Junction 11, Bangor.
He took boy scouts on camping trips and at some time in the late 1920s suffered an accident involving a portable stove, around which time he was asked by Coventry Co-op to look for a site for the camp and acquired the Kimnel Bay site for the sum of pounds 30.
Some of the magical moments dated back to the 1950s and they kept the Nicholls family from Kimnel Bay, Rhyl, entertained for many years.
Neighbours on the Tudor Park estate in Kimnel, north Wales, described him as "the ice cream man from hell".
Before their arrival in Canada, in the Rhyll (12) and Kimnel (13) Riots, disgruntled soldiers rioted over the slow pace of demobilisation, destroying shops which they believed to be profiting from their situation:
A spokesman for Grant Thornton said: "Jason Bell and Christopher Petts of Grant Thornton UK LLP have been appointed administrators of Marshall Group Ltd, an importer of seaside goods and novelty items based at Kimnel Bay, near Rhyl, North Wales.