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n.1.See Cymry.
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International laboratory "Sensorika", together with specialists and graduate students from MSTU "Stankin", INET RSUH, KIAM Russian Academy of sciences, JSC "TechInvest" has developed a technology for implementation and deployment of "Smart production" by building a new automatic line for manufacturing the foam-glass and products from it in the city Kimry. The system automation implemented in the framework of this project, is based on the previously patented methods for automatically resolve logical contradictions (refined to adapt to the needs and tasks).
Meet political activist Madison Kimry 12, North Carolina, and find out how you can make change, too!
Teachers and doctors in the city of Kimry occupied the city hall, blockading administrators inside until adequate supplies and back salaries were promised.
It is also envisaged to improve further characteristics of embedded in the software platform physical engine, as well as the testing platform in the development of the system production processes with integrated logical control, for example, in automation workshop, implements the concept of "Industry 4.0" in Kimry, realising by International Laboratory "Sensorika".