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(ˈki nɪʃ mə)

a city in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, NW of Nizhni Novgorod. 101,000.
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Address : 155808, Ivanovo Region, Kineshma District, Kineshma G, Ul Ivana Vinogradova, 6A
Electronic auction: major repairs of window blocks in the traffic police building at the address: kineshma, ul.
Electronic auction: performance of works on the overhaul of the special housing complex obuso "kineshma psychoneurological boarding school" novinki "at the address: ivanovskaya oblast, kineshma district, novinki village, ul.
Electronic auction: overhaul of the service and residential building of the hydrometeorological station at the address: ivanovskaya oblast, kineshma, goncharova str.
Open Competition: Provision of services for the development of design estimates for the current repair of heating system with the organization of the substation of the office building located at: Ivanovo region, Kineshma, ul.