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A system of movement notation for dance that employs various symbols to record the points of a dancer's body, the direction of a dancer's movement, the tempo, and the dynamics.

[After Rudolph Laban (1879-1958), Hungarian choreographer + (n)otation.]
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(Ballet) a system for recording ballet movements invented by Rudolph Laban
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Noun1.Labanotation - a system of notation for dance movements that uses symbols to represent points on a dancer's body and the direction of the dancer's movement and the tempo and the dynamics
choreography - a notation used by choreographers
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She was also involved with the Active Arts Celebration (Carbondale), Arts Education Festival (SIUC), the Dance Notation Bureau Inc., International Double Reed Society, Illinois Federal Music Club (treasurer), Sacred Dance Guild, Memorial Hospital Guild, International Conference Kinetography Laban (treasurer), Maga Museum (SIU), St.
His work laid the foundations for Laban Movement Analysis, Labanotation (Kinetography Laban), other more specific developments in dance notation and the evolution of many varieties of Laban Movement Study.
She's working on two manuscripts including a complete rewrite of Labanotation, and will travel in July to New York for Language of Dance courses at New York University and the 92nd Street Y; to Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, for a Motif Symposium; and to Beijing, China, for the International Council of Kinetography Laban Conference.