King Harold II

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Noun1.King Harold II - King of England who succeeded Edward the Confessor in 1066 and was the last of the Anglo-Saxon monarchs; he was killed fighting the invasion by William the Conqueror (1045-1066)
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Coins from around 1066 depicting both the defeated King Harold II as well as triumphant conqueror William I were found in a field in the Chew Valley.
The haul is made up of King Harold II pennies, England's last Anglo-Saxon king, and William the Conqueror coins, from after the Norman invasion of 1066.
According to reports in Daily Mail , the 2,571 silver coins are made up of King Harold II pennies from the end of Anglo-Saxon England and William the Conqueror coins, after the 1066 Norman conquest.
King Harold II was mortally wounded on the battlefield and his body had to be formally identified by his mistress, Edith Swanneck.
| WHEN was King Harold II of England reputedly wounded in the eye by an arrow?
October 14 is Be Bald and Be Free Day On this day: 1066 - Battle of Hastings where William the Conqueror defeats and kills King Harold II of England.
While Britain wasn't destroyed in the literal sense of the word, Norman king William the Conqueror did overthrow King Harold II at the Battle Of Hastings, killing him in the process.
BATTLE FACTFILE The BATTLE of |Hastings was fought on October 4, 1066 On one side was the |Norman-French army, led by William II of Normandy On the other side |was the English army, led by Anglo-Saxon King Harold II There were thought |to be 10,000 on the Norman side and 7,000 on the English side The skirmishing |went on from 9am to dusk ending in a Norman victory The battlefield |was seven miles from Hastings in Sussex, close to the modern town of Battle Have your say on this story at: