King crow

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(Zool.) A black drongo shrike (Buchanga atra) of India; - so called because, while breeding, they attack and drive away hawks, crows, and other large birds.
The Dicrurus macrocercus of India, a crested bird with a long, forked tail. Its color is black, with green and blue reflections. Called also devil bird.

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In 1978, King Crow, an employee of what was then Commercial National Bank, mentioned to Gleason during a lunch that he should buy a bank.
Michael's debut novel King Crow was also dark in style so his new poems will come as no surprise to those familiar with his work.
During the afternoon Michael Stewart, winner of the Guardian's Not the Booker prize for his debit novel King Crow and director of Huddersfield Literary Festival, gave a talk on his work.
It comes as a reprint of novel, King Crow, has been published.
King Crow, by Michael Stewart, has scooped the Guardian's Not The Booker Prize award for 2011.
CHRIS BURGESS Compelling crow King Crow by Michael Stewart, Bluemoose, pounds 12.99 AN OFFBEAT and fascinating take on the eternal triangle, this debut novel from the Bradford-based playwright mixes intense emotion with ornithology.
King Crow tells the story of 16-year-old Cooper, and the book's opening line:'When I look at people I wonder what sort of bird they are?' really sets the scene for what unfolds.