King of England

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Noun1.King of England - the sovereign ruler of England
king, male monarch, Rex - a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
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"You will announce His Majesty Charles II., King of England, Scotland, and Ireland."
"His Majesty the King of England!" said the officer.
"His Majesty the King of England!" replied the valet de chambre.
The king of France colored, and drew his chair closer to that of the king of England.
blushed, this time more strongly than before; then, stretching forth his hand to that of the king of England, "My brother," said he, "I am ashamed to say so, but the cardinal scarcely ever speaks of political affairs before me.
I am no more king of France than you are king of England. I am a name, a cipher dressed in fleur-de-lised velvet, -- that is all.
"Well!" continued the king of England, "poor Charles II., grandson of Henry IV.
"I have already told you that I never asked," replied Louis with a haughtiness that made the king of England turn pale.
Once again they conquered, and Canute the Dane became King of England. But the English spirit was strong, and the Danish invasion has left scarcely a trace upon our language.
The people loved and reverenced the King of England even more than if the ocean had not rolled its waves between him and them; for, at the distance of three thousand miles, they could not discover his bad qualities and imperfections.
``The first in honour as in arms, in renown as in place,'' said the Pilgrim, ``was the brave Richard, King of England.''
``Saxon also, at least by the mother's side,'' continued Cedric, who listened with the utmost eagerness, and forgot, in part at least, his hatred to the Normans, in the common triumph of the King of England and his islanders.