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also kin·ni·kin·nic  (kĭn′ĭ-kĭ-nĭk′)
1. A preparation made from the dried leaves and bark of various plants, often including bearberry and sometimes mixed with tobacco, smoked especially by certain Native American peoples.
2. See bearberry.

[Unami kələkkəníikkan, item for mixing in, kinnikinnick.]
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(ˌkɪnɪkɪˈnɪk) ,






1. the dried leaves and bark of certain plants, sometimes with tobacco added, formerly smoked by some North American Indians
2. (Plants) any of the plants used for such a preparation, such as the sumach Rhus glabra
[C18: from Algonquian, literally: that which is mixed; related to Natick kinukkinuk mixture]
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or kin•ni•kin•nic

(ˌkɪn ɪ kəˈnɪk)

1. a mixture of bark, dried leaves, and sometimes tobacco, formerly smoked by Indians and pioneers in the Ohio valley.
2. any of various plants used in this mixture.
[1790–1800; < Delaware (Unami) kələk·əní·k·an]
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"Instead of planting vinca, ajuga, woody thyme, creeping mahonia, kinnikinnik and sweet woodruff, plant just sweet woodruff in the shade and wooly thyme in the sun."
The most commonly known variety is the kinnikinnik, or Arcostaphylos uva-ursi, which is not a bush or tree like the other manzanitas but is a trailing vine.
If we expand our search beyond TWL06, we find the 11-letter NG word KINNIKINNIK.