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(kɪnˈrɔs, -ˈrɒs)

a historic county in E Scotland. Also called Kin•ross′shire (-ʃɪər, -ʃər)
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ABO Wind has received planning consent on demand for the 11-turbine Green Burn project in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.
John and Kelly Davie, left, and their daughter Lucy, 2, with David and Margaret West inside the Wests' new home (previously owned by the Davies) at Muirs in Kinross, Scotland
TOP 20 1 Orkney, Scotland 2 Shetland, Scotland 3 Craven, Yorkshire and the Humber 4 Western Isles, Scotland 5 Hart, South-east England 6 South Lakeland, North-west England 7 North Warwickshire, West Midlands 8 Highland, Scotland 9 Waverley, South-east England 10 Richmondshire, Yorkshire and Humber 11 Rutland, East Midlands 12 Stroud, South West 13 Perth and Kinross, Scotland 14 Erewash, East Midlands 15 Eden, North West 16 Woking, South East 17 Wychavon, West Midlands 18 Suffolk Coastal, East England 19 Harrogate, Yorkshire and the Humber 20 Mole Valley, South-east England
Mother Margaret, 62, from Kinross, Scotland, said: "We feel we have no other choice but to let the world see the injuries as we try to get to the truth.
Newcomer of the |Year - Moor of Rannoch Hotel, Rannoch Station, Perth and Kinross, Scotland.
Gleneagles Hotel is the original luxury hotel near Auchterarder, Perth and Kinross, Scotland.
com t in the park, baLado airFieLd, kinross, SCOTLAND.
Gillies, who was due to turn 22 today, was attached to the Lucinda Russell yard in Kinross, Scotland.
Kinross, Scotland Scotland's biggest and arguably the best festival, with more than 85,000 fans attending this year.
News of a thaw - albeit brief - will come as welcome news to Lucinda Russell, who trains in Kinross, Scotland, one of the areas worst affected by snow.
Kenneth, 29, from Kinross, Scotland, said: "There were 50 applications for one place to work as a physiotherapist at the games so I was delighted to be accepted.
A few years ago my wife and I were visiting old friends who live in Kinross, Scotland, and after a day at the Edinburgh Festival our host decided to drive around to Anstruther We stopped and whilst our wives sat by the Harbour, Gary and I queued to buy fish and chips.