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 (kĭn′zē), Alfred Charles 1894-1956.
American biologist noted for his studies of human sexuality, published as Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953).


(Biography) Alfred Charles. 1894–1956, US zoologist, who directed a survey of human sexual behaviour


(ˈkɪn zi)

Alfred Charles, 1894–1956, U.S. zoologist: directed studies of human sexual behavior.
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Noun1.Kinsey - United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956)
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Julian Kinsey made his qualification to state look simple, too.
The life and work of late Australian scientist Dr Don Kinsey AM is being celebrated with a reef within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park named in his honour.
Michael Robert Kinsey of Eugene went to prison as a teenager for using a stolen gun to accidentally shoot and kill a friend.
Casey Kinsey, the president and founder of Lofty Labs, said an executive with AWS contacted him about holding an event in July to help introduce Amazon's services to local companies in northwest Arkansas.
George Kinsey, from Birmingham, was part of the side that beat Everton in the March 25, 1893, final.
Jonathan Aledda is reportedly being represented by the local police union after he shot Charles Kinsey Monday as the victim was lying on his back and complying with police orders.
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A cell phone video showed behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey with his hands extended above his chest moments before a bullet struck his leg.
The exhibit, entitled "African American Treasures from The Kinsey Collection," will be on display at the Mississippi State University Libraries' John Grisham Room, March 21 through June 20.
Kinsey was a professor, zoologist, and human sexuality researcher at Indiana University from 1920 until his death in 1956.
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With her lifelong best friend, Camille, as a roommate, Kinsey can only imagine great things in their future.