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A Bantu language of Rwanda, closely related to Kirundi and an official language of Rwanda.

[Kinyarwanda Iki-nyarwaanda : iki-, n. pref. + -nyarwaanda, from Rwanda (nya-, n. pref. indicating origin + Uru-aanda, Rwanda).]


(Languages) one of the official languages of Rwanda, belonging to the Bantu group of the Niger-Congo family and closely related to Kirundi
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Noun1.Kinyarwanda - a Bantu language
Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent
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'Aspects of naming in Kinyarwanda," in Anthropological Linguistics.
"But it was also true that I didn't have to deal on a daily basis with people." The soft-spoken Rutagarama continues in heavily accented English (his third language after Kinyarwanda and French): "When you are with the gorillas, you see that they are shy and peaceful, and need your help.
(In fact, there wasn't a real bookstore either.) As it was, the women tending the sheep by the side of the unpaved road in the foothills of the volcanoes where I ran stood and gaped, and reacted to me as a person only when I greeted them with the all-purpose Kinyarwanda greeting, emphasized on the second syllable, "Yay-go." (It means "yes.")
This is particularly true of certain broadcasts in Kinyarwanda which differ markedly in content from news programmes broadcast in French, which is understood only by a small part of the population.
So a few months before my departure I put up a note on the window of the Mikono Centre in English, Swahili, French, Amharic, Luganda, and Kinyarwanda. It explained the reason for my departure--continuing my studies for ordination in the States--and assured them of the continued support of JRS for them and their businesses.
Du reste, ils correspondent en francais ou en anglais, rarement en kinyarwanda et en kirundi, langues parlees dans les deux pays.
This clause was much better rendered in the Kinyarwanda version where it read 'Uwitwa Umunyarwanda wese aba ari muri MRND' (whoever is Rwandan is a member of the MRND).
Such is the case for Alexis Kagame(22) in Rwanda and Pathe Diagne in Senegal.(23) For the former, the Kinyarwanda declined Being as Aristotle had done in Greek, while the latter translated a Platonic dialogue into Wolof.
Le public est aussi la avec des supporters enthousiastes qu'on trouve ici et la surtout ceux epaulant la selection des [beaucoup moins que] Guepes [beaucoup plus grand que] en kinyarwanda, la langue nationale du pays des Grands Lacs.
Refugees talked about the need to return as recognized Congolese citizens and not as Tutsis or Kinyarwanda speakers.
Questionnaires were administered and filled out by trained interviewers with language skills in English, French and Kinyarwanda.