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Adj.1.Kiplingesque - in the manner of Rudyard Kipling
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In his Kiplingesque element, he is a class apart, but the risque factor makes him stand out from other politicians; it even makes him likeable, giving him his unique appeal that arm-chair critics have failed to see thus far.
But the LRDG were the beau sabreurs who fought a Kiplingesque war, where individual courage, skill and dash could still count, could even win the day.
Britton - given a suitably lyrical and pastoral setting by Ellin - to the Kiplingesque banter and devastating pay-off in The Woman Wot's Left Behind by Sgt W E Hastings.
It unfolds in a Kiplingesque realm of adventure where people still cross the ocean by steamship, travel across Europe in wood-paneled railroad cars, and wear costumes appropriate to no particular decade.
Shades of Kiplingesque jingoism featured regularly in airline brochures and print advertisements; it was the Empire 'as a male hunting ground, a vast resort for outdoor sport, relaxation and recreation' but also the Empire from which small children could safely 'travel home unattended ...
This is not a parody of that discourse ("Kiplingesque," perhaps, in its British context; "Rooseveltian" within American culture); but it gets very close to pastiche, such is the intensity and range of the semiotic markers Cather is using.
London's story is Kiplingesque in its combination of sentimentality and rough masculine camaraderie.
Even so, they remind us, this message echoed Kiplingesque assumptions that the mysterious mad mullahs of the East needed to be tamed and pacified by Western conceptions of peace, order, and good governance now recodified as the three-block war.
In the mind of a westerner the name Mandalay is to Asia what Timbuktu is to Africa--more of a Kiplingesque myth than an actual place.
(41.) I am agreeing here with Holcomb on "Beanie's Departure": "though its voice employs what seems an acceptably heterosexed convention--the recognizably Kiplingesque jaunty, homosocial, imperialistic esprit de corps diction and cadence--its message of taboo sexuality is unambiguous" (Claude McKay 77).
The regular team of Sid James, Joan Sims and Kenneth Williams spent the spring of 1968 on the Watkin Path creating a typical "Carry on" satire of Kiplingesque attitudes to the British Empire.
Frost's view is far from a Kiplingesque eulogy on the glories of empire.