Kirlian photography

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Kir·li·an photography

The process of photographing an object by exposing film in a dark room to the light that results from electronic and ionic interactions caused by placing the object in an intense electric field. The photograph shows a light, glowing band surrounding the outline of the object.

[After Semyon Davidovich Kirlian (1900-1980), Russian electrician, and his wife Valentina Khrisanovna Kirlian (died 1971), Russian journalist, codiscoverers of the electric effect upon which it is based.]

Kirlian photography

(General Physics) a process that is said to record directly on photographic film the field radiation of electricity emitted by an object to which an electric charge has been applied
[C20: named after Semyan D. and Valentina K. Kirlian, Armenian researchers who described the process]

Kir′li•an photog′raphy

(ˈkɪər li ən)
a photographic process that purportedly records electrical discharges naturally emanating from living objects in the form of an auralike glow.
[1970–75; after Semyon Dutch. and Valentina K. Kirlian, Russian technicians]

kirlian photography

1. A method of making a photographic image of an aura.
2. A method of recording the aura of people and plants onto photographic paper without the use of a camera and used for aura analysis. The technique was developed in the 1930s by Russian engineers Valentina and Semyon Kirlian.
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Nature imprints would also be a big category, she predicted, with details like veins of leaves showing, a Kirilian photography type of effect, said White.