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 (kē′rôf′, kyē′rəf)
A city of west-central Russia east-northeast of Moscow. Founded as an independent republic in the 1100s, it was annexed by Ivan III in 1489.


(Russian ˈkirəf)
(Placename) a city in NW Russia, on the Vyatka River: an early trading centre; engineering industries. Pop: 454 000 (2005 est). Former name (1780–1934): Vyatka


(Russian ˈkirəf)
(Biography) Sergei Mironovich (sɪrˈɡjej miˈrɔnəvitʃ). 1888–1934, Soviet politician; one of Stalin's chief aides. His assassination was the starting point for Stalin's purge of the Communist Party (1934–38)


(ˈkɪər ɔf, -ɒf)

a city in the E Russian Federation in Europe, N of Kazan. 421,000. Formerly, Vyatka.
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Kirov Ballet is based at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, Russia and is famous the world over for its classic productions.
In addition to tractors and road machinery, Kirov is known among military experts for the production of the advanced T-92 battle tanks.
Kirov Lady won at Kempton for Richard Hannon in 1995.
The Kirov was then run by Oleg Vinogradov and the roster of ballerinas was a mixed bag.
Apart from tractors and road machinery, Kirov is known among military experts for the production of the advanced T-92 battle tanks.
My mind flashed back to the briefing four weeks before when we were given pictures of the Kirov - the newest, most high-tech ship in the Russian armoury.
As a rising star in Leningrad's Kirov Ballet, he refused to show a seemly loyalty to the Communist Party.
LABA students have received scholarships from prestigious programs such as the Royal Ballet School and the American Ballet Theatre and performed with major companies from around the world, including ABT, the San Francisco Ballet and the Kirov.
Navalny was found guilty of heading a group that embezzled 16 million rubles ($500,000) worth of timber from state-owned company Kirovles in 2009 while he worked as an unpaid adviser to the provincial governor in Kirov, about 760 kilometers (470 miles) east of Moscow.
The opponents also claimed there was a case of conflict of interest as Petar Kirov was the son of Volodya Kirov, former director of the Executive Agency "Automobile Administration", and current head of a hazardous materials transportation training center within the system of the Transport Ministry.
The final act, Diamonds, is widely considered to be the choreographer's homage to Marius Petipa, the 19th century Russian god of classical ballet and one would expect the Kirov to be entirely at home here with its grand Imperial - Kirov - style.
WIN a pair of tickets for a rare chance to see the world-famous Kirov Ballet in the Midlands as part of an exclusive two-week spring tour.