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 (kē′sän-gä′nē, kĭ-zäng′gä-nē)
A city of northern Democratic Republic of the Congo on the Congo River northeast of Kinshasa. Originally named Stanleyville in 1883 for the settlement's founder, Henry M. Stanley, it was renamed Kisangani in 1966.


(Placename) a city in the N Democratic Republic of Congo, at the head of navigation of the River Congo below Boyoma Falls (Stanley Falls): Université Libre du Congo (1963). Pop: 475 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1966): Stanleyville


(kɪˈzɑŋ gɑ ni, ˌki sɑŋˈgɑ-)

a city in the N Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the Zaire (Congo) River. 417,517. Formerly, Stanleyville.
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1997 Rebels under Laurent Kabila take Zairian town of Faradje while advancing on country's third largest city, Kisangani.
First, when Machar fled Juba in July 2016, the UN in Congo or MONUSCO, reportedly under Congolese government request, evacuated him to Kisangani town in northern part of the DRC.
Due to the near-impenetrability of dense tropical jungle across vast swathes of the country, the DRC has to rely on air transport for the haulage of passengers and cargo between its major cities of Kinshasa N'Djili (in the west), Kisangani (in the near-centre), Lubumbashi (in the south), Goma (in the east), and Mbuji Mayi (in the south-centre).
Among specific topics are streamflow and salt flux in the semi-arid Tiva River Basin in eastern Kenya, effects of irrigation management practices on water allocation among farmers in Tanzania's Kiladeda Sub-Catchment, probabilistic studies of hydrologic drought events in the Juba River in Somalia, multi-temporal Landsat remote sensing for forest landscape fragmentation analysis in the Yoko Forest of Kisangani, and towards integrated innovative technologies for sustainable provision and financing of agricultural groundwater in African drylands.
Archbishop Marcel Utembi Tapa of Kisangani, pulled out of the implementation talks, complaining that the politicians involved had failed to prioritize "the welfare of the people.
Instead of looking at Yakusu, a town near to present-day Kisangani, we are instantly plunged into the violent and frequently disturbing world of turn-of-the-century Equatoria.
2] in the Moto goldfields of the northeast DRC, some 560 km north east of the city of Kisangani and 150 km west of the Ugandan border town of Arua.
In 2000, Uganda fought Rwanda, destroying much of Kisangani, over the riches of the DR Congo.
In its first phase, the company will serve eight cities: Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Kisangani, Kindu, Mbuyi-Mayi, Kananga and Mbandaka, then 14 by the end of the year, until the whole country is covered.
From 2002 to 2011, Welthungerhilfe, a major German relief organization, invested in road construction for the Democratic Republic of Congo, National Road N2 is "613-kilometers (381-miles) long, stretching all the way to Kisangani, a city on the shores of the country's namesake: the Congo River," explains Samiha Shafy for Spiegel Online.
Pour la petite biographie, le realisateur, ne en 1984 a Kisangani (RDC) est l'auteur de deux autres moyens metrages documentaires, Dames en attente et Tolerance Zero.
I once travelled from Bunia to Kisangani in the Congo on my way to the Garamba national park.