Kiska Island

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Kis·ka Island

An island of southwest Alaska in the Rat Islands of the western Aleutians. In World War II it was occupied by Japan between 1942 and 1943.
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Newman and members of this elite force served at the Aleutian Islands for the invasion of Kiska Island and fought in Italy.
Kiska Island, 51[grados]58'N, 177[grados]32'W, 120 m, log in coastal meadow, 2001, S.
Bush's administration, a presidential proclamation established nine new federal historic properties in the West, among them the USS Utah and USS Oklahoma memorials in Hawaii; the battlefield on Attu Island, the Japanese occupation site on Kiska Island, and the B-24D Liberator crash site on Atka Island in Alaska; and the Tule Lake Segregation Center and Manzanar National Historic Site (Japanese American internment camps) in California.
The Japanese paused briefly during the evacuation at a pre-arranged signal -- the explosion that signified the destruction of the radar installation -- to pray for the 2638 Japanese that had perished at Attu and the 2500 men that had died on and around Kiska Island during the occupation.