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 (kĭs′ĭn-jər), Henry Alfred Born 1923.
German-born American diplomat who was national security adviser (1969-1975) and US secretary of state (1973-1977) under Presidents Nixon and Ford. He shared the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for helping negotiate the Vietnam cease-fire.


(Biography) Henry (Alfred). born 1923, US academic and diplomat, born in Germany; assistant to President Nixon for national security affairs (1969–75); Secretary of State (1973–77): shared the Nobel peace prize 1973


(ˈkɪs ən dʒər)

Henry A(lfred), born 1923, U.S. secretary of state 1973–77, born in Germany: Nobel peace prize 1973.
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Noun1.Kissinger - United States diplomat who served under President Nixon and President Ford (born in 1923)Kissinger - United States diplomat who served under President Nixon and President Ford (born in 1923)
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Kissinger has highlighted the most important issues currently confronting world leadership and provided intelligent insight into those issues.
Kissinger Prize will be awarded to both Giorgio Napolitano, former President of Italy (2006-2015), and Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former Federal Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany (1974-1992).
Henry Kissinger is the most famous and most divisive secretary of state the US has ever had.
Kissinger contends that a successful approach to world order must incorporate both the "multifariousness of the human condition" and the "ingrained human quest for freedom.
FORMER US secretary of state Henry Kissinger says he would not welcome anything which made the UK smaller on the global stage.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is not trying to establish an empire in the Middle-East and is only seeking to strengthen unity among Muslims, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said, dismissing the recent remarks by former US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger.
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger last held political office 39 years ago.
THE TOPIC: During overlapping terms as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State between 1969 and 1977, German-born political scientist Henry Kissinger was lauded for achieving formal diplomatic relations with China, detente with the Soviet Union, and peace in the Middle East.
In 1940 the young Henry Kissinger, caught in a love quadrangle, drafted a letter to the object of his affections.
Former US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger underwent heart surgery at a New York City hospital on Tuesday and was resting comfortably, hospital officials said.
While these works are important, of course, it is one's belief that in any serious effort to understand how Kissinger has handled American foreign policy, it is necessary to understand how his ideas formed during his writings and personal experiences in the decades prior to his entry in governmental positions.