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a.1.Designating a club in London, to which Addison and Steele belonged; - so called from Christopher Cat, a pastry cook, who served the club with mutton pies.
2.Designating a canvas used for portraits of a peculiar size, viz., twenty-eight or twenty-nine inches by thirty-six; - so called because that size was adopted by Sir Godfrey Kneller for the portraits he painted of the members of the Kitcat Club.
n.1.A game played by striking with a stick small piece of wood, called a cat, shaped like two cones united at their bases; tipcat.
Kitcat roll
(Agric.) a roller somewhat in the form of two cones set base to base.
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Having trained with PwC in 1984, his other roles prior to Genesis included positions in finance and investment banking at Kitcat & Aitken, Morgan Grenfell and Schroders, and chief operating officer at the Japanese trust bank Chuo Trust International.
Home Of The Brave is already guaranteed a start in the Turf Sprint over six and a half furlongs, but the Mile has been nominated as his first preference race, in which he will secure a place if Mondialiste runs in the Turf and Kitcat the Filly & Mare Turf.
Cmdr Charles Arthur de Winton Kitcat married Majorie Short, from Beverley Gardens in Cullercoats, at St George's Church.
The highest ranked council leader is Brighton's, green party politician Jason Kitcat with 3,800.
So far the only local authority to consider a referendum is Brighton, with a five per cent hike proposed by the Green Party's minority administration, led by the wonderfully named Councillor Jason Kitcat.
Brighton's Green party council leader - the wonderfully named Jason Kitcat - is next with 3,874.
The shadowy Colonel Terrence "Sailor" Kitcat, former SOE Force 136 and US Special Forces operative, was a frequent emissary to the Borneo territories, concerned with "certain delicate matters which can only be discussed by personal visits.
Corresponding address: Magelia Kitcat, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Box 186, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ UK.
Christina Kitcat broke off a piece of history Friday.
Following numerous on-line vote experiences in Europe, a European petition has been started on the Internet - the initiative of Green UK MP, Jason Kitcat.
Although a period piece it could have easily been modern day as the servants went crashing about barking orders at each other while serving the grey Earl played by Jeremy Kitcat (obviously his big break).
Our man on the street, Jason Kitcat from the Free e-Democracy Project, managed to reduce a spokesman at the e-envoy's office to a stunned two-minute silence just by asking him how much control Microsoft held over the project.