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or kite surfing  (kīt′sûr′fĭng)
1. A form of kiteboarding in which a person is pulled by a power kite across water while riding a kiteboard or wakeboard.
2. A similar sport, such as kite landboarding or snowkiting.

kite′surf′ v.
kite′surf′er n.
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(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) the sport of sailing standing up on a surfboard while being pulled along by a large kite
ˈkiteˌsurfer n
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Kite surfing takes a little bit of wakeboarding, paragliding and surfing and delivers one high-adrenaline sport on top of the water.
The beaches and the crystal clear water are the major reasons Ain Sokhna is famous for practicing water sports such as kite surfing, fishing, and scuba diving.
After experimenting last season, DIMC has added a couple of new activities to its annual calendar including three rounds of the Dubai Fishing Championship and a couple of Kite Surfing tours.
THE man who died in a kite surfing accident in Thailand on Wednesday has been named.
Friends and families enjoyed over 1.5km of beach-dedicated sand and sea activities such as paddle boarding, kite surfing, kayaking, beach cricket, Ultimate Frisbee and Beach Bootcamp.
Get yourself and your date over to Skate Shack, where you can get lessons and they'll also rent you the equipment for kite surfing.
I make time to enjoy my hobbies, especially kite surfing. It might sound strange, but to me there is nothing more relaxing than kite surfing along the beach, so I do this as often as my work allows.
The 26-year-old has been organising courses on kite surfing, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and SUP Yoga at various remote areas around Bahrain through his facility called GYPSEA.
"Kite surfing requires a lot of leg and core strength so I did a lot of endurance cycling as training and we had a lot of squat competitions on the launch to help us."
A BAHRAIN-BASED kite surfing team who went up against the region's finest finished first in the final of the second-ever Red Bull Kite The Waj competition yesterday.
A TOILET block has been transformed into a kite surfing school.
To this end, the organizers have negotiated reduced rates with local instructors across a range of sports, from water skiing to kite surfing, for those who sign up during this year's festival.