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n.1.A mode of raising money, or sustaining one's credit, by the use of paper which is merely nominal; - called also kiting.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Praising the "immaculately clean" beach, one reviewer wrote: "A great place for sailing, kayaking, striding, kiteflying, dog walking and sand castle building, and all with very fine views."
The authority does not allow camping, barbecues or fires at Castle Hill, and discourages kiteflying and the use of kite buggies.
The stories include biographical information and descriptions of experiences with kiteflying. They are accompanied by photos and colorplates of kites.
RAWALPINDI -- Police will use telescopes to keep a check on kite flying in the city this year and will arrest parents of children who're found violating the ban on kiteflying, as reported by a local newspaper.
Kiteflying continued in various areas of the city, including Peoples Colony, Tench Bhatta, Dhoke Seydan, Kiani Road, Dhoke Chaudharian, Adyala Road, Bakra Mandi,Akal Garh,Krishan Pura,Imambara,Purana Qila, Masrial and several other areas.
RAWALPINDI -- The ban on kiteflying and metallic strings is openly being violated in Rawalpindi city and cantonment areas.