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(Placename) a city in N Zambia: commercial centre of the Copper Belt. Pop: 545 000 (2005 est)


(ˈki tweɪ)

a city in N Zambia. 449,442.
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Le match retour est pr[euro]u[c]vu le 17 de ce mois [euro]u Kitwe sous lae1/4aoarbitrage dae1/4aoun trio swazilandais.
This was followed by the Africa Region Five championship at Nkana Golf Club in Kitwe, Zambia, where though Kenya qualified for the 'A' division, their hope of meeting South Africa in the final dashed by hosts Zambia.
Kudu Computing is a productivity software development company headquartered in Kitwe, Zambia.
In addition, an expert opinion survey was also conducted in six districts, namely: Lusaka, Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Ndola, Kitwe and Kalulushi.
Prevalence and correlates of hypertension among adults aged 25 years or older in a mining town of kitwe.
He has disclosed that the works on the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Mall in Kitwe have already entered into a later phase of development and are on track.
These retrenchments came at a time when no one was expecting them," Chewe told DW correspondent Kathy Short in the copper producing town of Kitwe.
It said the bus was traveling about 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the Zambian village of Kitwe to Luapula province, using a dirt road that cuts through part of Congo as a shortcut.
Based in Kitwe Central Hospital, the Kitwe Eye Annexe is the first of its kind in the country, and over the last three years has carried out surgeries on around 1000 children with cataract.
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Asking for more Turkish schools to be built in other provinces, Phiri said: "We especially request more [Turkish schools] to be built in Ndola and Kitwe provinces.
Gosforth Central Middle School is partnered with Ipusukilo Basic School in Kitwe, Zambia, through a British Council programme.