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n.1.A mash vat. See Keeve.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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More than 1,200 students will start their studies at Turiba University this year, but admissions will continue until September 27, which means that the number will change yet, said Marta Kive, the university's development director.
The statement added that 17 persons including seven members of Benue State Kive Stock Guards were killed and their vehicles burnt and an unknown number of people injured in the attack.
29 April 2016 - US-based event producer Mom Media Enterprises, LLC has acquired Tastemaker Mom and all related assets from The Kive Co, the company said.
See on koos teiste vaiksemate fragmentidega tostetud eeskoja lounaseina najale ega ole hasti vaadeldav, sest selle ette on tostetud veel paar kihti kive. Kaitse alla pole seda voetud.221 Nurgasoori ja tekstivoondi kujundus langeb suurema plaadipoolikuga kokku.
Several observations on the armed conflict that was reignited since 2004 can be made on the basis of an original dataset, the Kurdish Insurgency Violent Events (KIVE).
A kive stream, which you view at your own discretion, will be available, ( here .
[2] Baruah H.C, Mohanapatrap.K, Kive.M, Pegu D.K, and Mohanta.J (1996).
The third MoU was signed between Slovenian company Kive Group with Pakistani company Greshams Eastern Pvt Ltd for generating electricity from organic waste, solid waste and wind power.
Pealegi selgus kaevamistel, et parast linnuse mahajatmist on suur osa seal paiknenud ehitiste kive lahti toksitud ja ara veetud.
(3) "The term 'Kive' in Luganda is derived from the Luganda verb 'Okuva,' which means 'to come from.' The infix 'bu' is a marker of size.
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary has kive for Kiev (Ukraine), uuannoyed for Yaounde (Cameroon) and whindle for New Delhi (India).