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v. t.1.To cover.
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Being requested to explain himself, he stated that there was some of 'em wot you couldn't kiver with a sixpence.
Tenders are invited for suit explosion-proof (anti-fragmentation suit "Falcon" or analog); the armor "Warrior Kiver RSP" with a visor or an analog; suit explosion-proof "Armor-KP-M" or equivalent.
Since 1973 Ruth and Milton Kiver employed Chuhak & Tecson, P.
Waal, seein' all those albums wuz gittin' more and more the fashion, I felt as of I'd like to hev one too, so I jest went up garrett an' hunted out this big blank book o' my father's for my album, an' then pasted Scrap-book on the kiver, for I meant to make mine a leetle different from the others, an' I guess you'll say I succeeded when you've looked it through.
Officers quickly swooped on the block of flats in Kiver Road, Holloway, North London at around 9.