A member of Kiwanis International, a service organization made up of business and professional people, founded in 1915.

[After Kiwanis International, , a service organization.]
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Buy tickets from any Bay Area Kiwanian or call 541-756-3984.
He was a member of the AMA, West Virginia State Medical Association (WVSMA), The Radiological Society of North America and was a Fellow of the American College of Radiology, as well as a Kiwanian and a member of The First Presbyterian Church.
Nikki and Evan excel as leaders in our Circle K chapter, and it's nice to have their leadership recognized on a state level," Said Martha Lavender, president of Gadsden State: "As a Kiwanian myself, I'm proud of the Circle K spirit that these students exemplify.
If she'd been male, she could have become a full-fledged Kiwanian at that point.
Anyone interested in coming should call a Kiwanian.
He was a past Kiwanian with the Kiwanis Club of Plymouth, as well as a member of the Plymouth Masonic Lodge AF and AM.
You used to be a Republican, a Kiwanian, a Presbyterian, a go-along get-along kind of guy, but now, at age 62, you've awakened from decades of indifference -- which, you now know, was caused by chemicals the Department of Agriculture puts into snack foods to induce torpor, and so you only eat dried organic veggies ordered from a Patriot company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho -- and you are filled with enormous energy.
Jerry Shaffer, CPA was named Kiwanian of the Year by the La Jolla California Kiwanis Club .
The Kiwanis Club of Bellingham selected Jim Carney as Kiwanian of the Year for 2008.
Pictured from the left are Attorney General and Florida Kiwanian Bill McCollum; Gov.
The former president of the Conway Kiwanis Club, where he was a member from 1956 until his death, Jamison was voted Kiwanian of the Year in 1969.