A member of Kiwanis International, a service organization made up of business and professional people, founded in 1915.

[After Kiwanis International, , a service organization.]
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Kiwanian! Santa Claus?" It is gaining momentum as one of the leading new works of nonfiction literature in its specific genre due to its high quality.
She serves as treasurer of the Kiwanis Club of Crossett, where she is a past president and 2013 Kiwanian of the Year.
Buy tickets from any Bay Area Kiwanian or call 541-756-3984.
He was a member of the AMA, West Virginia State Medical Association (WVSMA), The Radiological Society of North America and was a Fellow of the American College of Radiology, as well as a Kiwanian and a member of The First Presbyterian Church.
"Nikki and Evan excel as leaders in our Circle K chapter, and it's nice to have their leadership recognized on a state level," Said Martha Lavender, president of Gadsden State: "As a Kiwanian myself, I'm proud of the Circle K spirit that these students exemplify.
If she'd been male, she could have become a full-fledged Kiwanian at that point.
He was a past Kiwanian with the Kiwanis Club of Plymouth, as well as a member of the Plymouth Masonic Lodge AF and AM.
You used to be a Republican, a Kiwanian, a Presbyterian, a go-along get-along kind of guy, but now, at age 62, you've awakened from decades of indifference -- which, you now know, was caused by chemicals the Department of Agriculture puts into snack foods to induce torpor, and so you only eat dried organic veggies ordered from a Patriot company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho -- and you are filled with enormous energy.
Jerry Shaffer, CPA was named Kiwanian of the Year by the La Jolla California Kiwanis Club ...
The Kiwanis Club of Bellingham selected Jim Carney as Kiwanian of the Year for 2008.
In 2001, she was named the club's "Kiwanian of the Year."