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1. A woody vine (Actinidia deliciosa) native to China, cultivated especially in New Zealand for its edible fruit.
2. The fuzzy brown fruit of this plant, containing sweet green pulp. In both senses also called Chinese gooseberry.

[From the resemblance of the fruit's skin to the plumage of some species of kiwi birds.]
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The most exotic and exciting fruit in the garden, though is my kiwi-fruit climber, which has got six little kiwis on it!
Medium glycaemic index foods (eat lots): Boiled potatoes, sweetcorn, raw carrot, all types of pasta, oats, porridge and all-bran cereals, noodles, pitta bread and Ryvita and some fruits including grapes, mango, figs and kiwi-fruit.
The range will include bananas, kiwi-fruit and grapes, all specially selected to be small for children's smaller hands and appetites.
The championship menu included vegetable stir-fry, or fruit melange comprising melon, peaches, apple, orange and kiwi-fruit.
STARTERS: Whole grain & seeded bread rolls with tomato, lentil and basil soup, followed by kiwi-fruit sorbet.