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Noun1.Klaus Fuchs - British physicist who was born in Germany and fled Nazi persecution; in the 1940s he passed secret information to the USSR about the development of the atom bomb in the United States (1911-1988)
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We demanded to know why communist spy Dr Klaus Fuchs was allowed to pass nuclear secrets to the Russians for six years undetected.
1 Atomic researcher Klaus Fuchs was sentenced to 14 years in prison for spying 2 Florence Chadwick broke the Channel swim record 3 The BBC made its first overseas TV broadcast 4 Princess Elizabeth's second child, Anne, was born impossipuzzles When Alex was as old as Erin was when Alex was half as old as Erin was when Alex was a year older than Erin is now, Erin was a third as old as Alex will be when Erin is as old as Alex is now.
October 18 Communist spy Klaus Fuchs delivers atom bomb information from the Los Alamos National Laboratory to Soviet bomb developers in Moscow.
Cadwyn Clwyd Project Officer Adam Bishop said: "It's a fascinating INFAMOUS Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs leaked information from a top secret North Wales munitions factory which carried out pioneering research into the atom bomb, a historian has discovered.
People at the time found it hard to believe that Klaus Fuchs, who fled Hitler's Germany in the 1930s and settled in the leafy suburbs of Edgbaston to begin work at Birmingham University, was responsible for the single most significant act of espionage in British history.
We didn't catch Klaus Fuchs, who briefly passed through Birmingham during his nefarious career, until after he had stolen the atom bomb secrets for Russia.
The Gouzenko investigation started the ball rolling that lead to Bruno Pontecorvo and Klaus Fuchs, fellow Communist physicists within the Manhattan Project who also provided invaluable aid to the Soviet Union.
He was self-confessedly the courier who brought to the Russians physicist Klaus Fuchs's reports on the Manhattan Project.
The German-born, British atomic scientist Klaus Fuchs was thirty-eight when, under the Official Secrets Act, he was found guilty of betraying atomic secrets to Soviet agents.
KLAUS FUCHS German refugee taken in by Britain who became an A-bomb expert in America - but passed on everything to Russia in the 1940s.
The book is full of fascinating, and often amusing, details: at a certain stage the findings of the Soviet spy, Klaus Fuchs, came in useful; Whitehall appears to have mixed up two Morgans for a key job and picked the less qualified one.