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Noun1.Klavier - a stringed instrument that has a keyboard
cembalo, harpsichord - a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots
keyboard instrument - a musical instrument that is played by means of a keyboard
stringed instrument - a musical instrument in which taut strings provide the source of sound
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Akt Zeichnung: Fur Bariton, Kontrabassklarinette, Trompete, Posaune, Violine, Cello und Klavier. Peters, 2018.
The outbreak of World War II prevented the author from returning to Switzerland and Lasker-SchE-ler passed away on January 22, 1945 in Jerusalem, where her last volume of poetry, Mein blaues Klavier, appeared in 1943.
Halsey Stevens, Sonata for Horn and Piano (1953); Paul Hindemith, Sonata fur Althorn in Es und Klavier (1943/1956); Bernard Heiden, Sonata for Horn and Piano (1939); Paul Hindemith, Sonate fur Horn und Klavier (1939).
Barenreiter Opera Kaleidoscope, fur Sopran oder Mezzosopran und Klavier (for soprano or mezzo-soprano and piano), 2017.
Piano, additionally called pianoforte, French piano or pianoforte, German Klavier, a console melodic instrument having wire strings that sound when struck by felt-secured hammers worked from a console.
McGinnis has also served as consultant to Sony-Superscope and Klavier Records.
The concert will feature Japanese pianist Mina Iwahashu who will perform Johann Sebastian Bach's Das Wohltemperierte Klavier (The Well-Tempered Clavier).
The relation between the thermodynamic impulse of Fourier's analysis and "temperature" in music exists in the mathematization of vibrational events: the reversal of time into calculable frequencies like the "well-tempered" tuning of keyboard instruments as it has been developed in Johann Sebastian Bach's composition Das wohltemperierte Klavier. This may even result in a retuning of the sounds of the past: "Equal temperament is now universally accepted, but ...
(5) When they also performed classification within classical piano works (4 pieces from Debussy's Suite bergamasque; 4 pieces from Bach's Wohltemperierte Klavier II; and 4 Preludes from Chopin's Opus 28), the results were better but not perfect because one of the Chopin pieces (no.
Ultimately, he chose five: "And above Black," from The Night Mirror (1971) (retitled "High on Our Tower" for the sequence); "Under the Dome," from Powers of Thirteen (1983); "Am Klavier," from Blue Wine (1979); "More Quatrains from Harp Lake," from Harp Lake (1988); and "End of a Chapter," from In Time and Place (1986).
Daar is ook poetikale besinnings oor die belang van die letterkunde en die skryfproses in verse soos "Die digter" (57), "Maart" (73) en "Die trek klavier" (88); en dit alles kry die leser in 'n kenmerkend vaardige verstegniese aanbod, geklee in dieselfde onpretensieuse gewaad waarvoor Loftus Marais bekend geword het.