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A trademark for a loud electric horn.


(ˈklæksən) or


a type of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles
[C20: former trademark, from the name of the manufacturing company]


(ˈklæk sən)

a loud electric horn often used as a warning signal.
[1905–10, Amer.; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.klaxon - a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehiclesklaxon - a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles
horn - an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound


[ˈklæksn] Nclaxon m


nHorn nt, → Hupe f
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*Des signatures sonores specifiques a chaque modele : en plus du bruit de demarrage moteur, jusqu'a 3 autres extraits sonores sont proposes par modele (klaxon, clignotant, frein a main, suspension, etc.).
Whatever one thinks about the benefits or drawbacks of Klaxon, the growth of direct filing in MDL demonstrates that the current framework is being stretched to its limits.
One case that summed up how we have changed was Operation Klaxon.
Lead researcher Professor Myung-Jin Bae, from Soongsil University in Seoul, South Korea, said: "In our study we used the existing historic Klaxon sound source, but made some modification concerning its volume and rhythm with duration time by adding a power controller.
Righton is a co-vocalist and keyboardist for (http://www.klaxons.net/about.php) Klaxons , a London-based band.
(24) This solution, however, is conceptually flawed in light of the justifications for Klaxon, namely, that choice-of-law rules reflect states' policies as to the scope of their own law when they have a regulatory interest, and that diversity should not change the law otherwise applicable in a plaintiff's case.
If it's not ground problems or carnage at the fences it's a farce like Wednesday - just use a klaxon horn to stop racing.
He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of two but after a remarkable recovery, his mother Helen sounded the klaxon to start the race.
Klaxon Signals has expanded its Sonos and Nexus Range of fire alarms to include new voice enhanced variants.
Secomak, tel:020 952 5566, the specialist air movement division of Klaxon Signals, will be showing a selection of their drying equipment on the stand.
People living near the Dow Corning chemical complex in Barry were awoken at 6.35am on October 1 when the klaxon alarm sounded.