Klinefelter's syndrome

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Noun1.Klinefelter's syndrome - syndrome in males that is characterized by small testes and long legs and enlarged breasts and reduced sperm production and mental retardation; a genetic defect in which an extra X chromosome (XXY) is present in the male
syndrome - a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
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Moreover, patients who were already under treatment for puberphonia (voice therapy etc), chronic smokers and syndromic/special individuals like Kleinfelter's syndrome and the cases who did not consented for the procedure were also excluded.
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Further, it appears that for patients with sex chromosomal abnormalities, including those with Kleinfelter syndrome, sperm retrieval combined with assisted fertility treatment offers a good prognosis for pregnancy.
And just as the team in Moneyball sought to "find value in players that no one else can see," Brittney Kleinfelter, a marketer at Macmillan, hopes to use Next Big Book to "target our marketing campaign where the other author isn't." And, indeed, Next Big Book is already informing how Macmillan markets books and authors.