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 (klĕm′pər-ər), Otto 1885-1973.
German-born conductor noted for his interpretations of Beethoven, Mahler, and Richard Strauss.


(Biography) Otto. 1885–1973, orchestral conductor, born in Germany. He was best known for his interpretations of Austro-German classics


(ˈklɛm pər ər)

Otto, 1885–1973, German conductor.
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Klemperer served as a Principal with Katalyst, LLC, a full-service business accelerator providing venture capital, operational expertise, and merchant banking services to startup businesses.
and Clark Machemer of Rockefeller Group; Jamie Von Klemperer of KPF; Joseph Brancatu of Gensler; and Thomas Reilly of Turner Construction.
Alsop's interpretation favors the slow inner movements, with the Andante and Allegretto coming off smoothly and poetically but the outer movements lacking the grandeur of Klemperer or the mellowness of Boult.
American soprano Christine Brewer (Leonore) does a respectable job, as do her colleagues, but other than this recording is sung in English, there is little to recommend it above classic recordings conducted by Otto Klemperer and Herbert von Karajan.
There are numerous irritating inaccuracies, as when Victor Klemperer appears as one of a 'second generation' of Jewish intellectuals who 'survived the Holocaust in their youth' (p.
Goodall was instrumental in enabling an aging and ailing Otto Klemperer to perform and record his valedictory accounts of Der fliegende Hollander and Walkure Act I and several other works for EMI in the late 1960s, by serving as his assistant and diligently preparing the singers and orchestra for these occasions.
Alyson Reed is easier to believe as Sally Bowles than Liza Minelli, but her role and her leading man's (Gregg Edelman) have been much reduced from the movie version and accordingly have less dramatic impact, while the roles of Fraulein Schneider (Regina Resnik) and her Jewish suitor Herr Schultz (Werner Klemperer) have been expanded almost to parity with the stars, and Resnik and Klemperer steal as much of the show as Joel Grey has left to be stolen.
Will Allen, Rose Klemperer, Ellen Briers, Mark Cook, Ranjit Bassey, Amy Callahan-Page, all Anthony Collins; Pardeep Lagha, Gateley
By 1933 those productions were deemed degenerate, Klemperer was fired, beaten up by brown shirts and the Kroll became the stage for Nazi rallies.
Michael Klemperer, senior gardens advisor for English Heritage in the North, said that there is only one native daffodil - narcissus pseudonarcissus - the "golden" flower that inspired poet William Wordsworth.
The heritage varieties are now largely the preserve of specialist growers and societies and are becoming increasingly unavailable," said Mr Klemperer.