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n. pl. klez·mo·rim (klĕz′mə-rēm′)
1. The traditional music of the Jews of eastern Europe, played by small traveling bands.
2. A musician in such a band.

[Yiddish, from Mishnaic Hebrew kəlê zemer, musical instruments : kəlê, pl. bound form of kəlî, instrument; see kll in Semitic roots + zemer, music, song; see zmr in Semitic roots.]


1. (Music, other) a Jewish folk musician, usually a member of a small band
2. (Music, other) Also called: klezmer music the music performed by such a band


(ˈklɛz mər)

n., pl. klez•mers, klez•mo•rim (ˌklɛz məˈrim)
1. a Jewish folk musician traditionally performing in a small band.
2. the music performed by klezmers.
[1960–65; < Yiddish]
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Pressburger Klezmer Band Nova Cvernovka, RaAianska 78, Bratislava, Sunday, March 25, 19:00 - The Pressburger Klezmer Band will present their new album Baladen after seven previous successful albums and more than 20 years of experience.
The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band will perform the music of the holiday season.
The event, called Tish, is a roving, semi-regular musical dinner party founded by accordion player JerA[acute accent]me Block, violinist Amit Weisbeger, and a handful of other musicians (several of whom play together in the klezmer band, Beigale Orkestra).
Venturing into the Cotswolds, St Leonard's Church in Bledington is the venue for a trio of concerts from June 7 to 9 which begin with City of Birmingham organist Thomas Trotter (Bledington Festival president) and harpist Catrin Finch (BF vice-president) on June 7, progress through Brahms' Clarinet Quintet rescored for klezmer band (June 8), and end with a woodwind trio.
Moving to New York City in 1979, he was co-founder of the pioneering klezmer band Kapelye, and began intensive documentation of traditional East Europeanborn Yiddish performers.
KLEZMER band, Klonk (above), are to release their debut EP in May.
Gibbs takes things one step further by beginning and ending some tunes with a klezmer band holding forth in traditional style, while he and his band play jazz in between.
Yiddish Festival Hanukkah concert, featuring the "Klezmer Nutcracker'' by the klezmer band, Shirim, 2 p.
The 55th anniversary of the Polish language studies in the Republic of Macedonia was also celebrated with a concert of Rzeszow Klezmer Band from Poland in the hall of the Faculty of Philology.
Il commence a jouer a l'Amsterdam Klezmer Band et joue en Europe, en Amerique du Sud et en Asie.
The concert will be emceed by Shane Baker, comedian, Yiddish advocate, and executive director of the Congress for Jewish Culture and the high-octane Klezmer band, led on piano by Zalmen Mlotek, is set to be comprised of Clarinetist Dmitri "Zisl" Slepovitch, guitarist Avram Pengas, bassist Taylor Bergren-Chrisman, and drummer Don Mulvaney.
Other guests are Anglo-American trio BorderLine Crossing, highly acclaimed young folksinger Lucy Ward, Leamington-based folk, rock and klezmer band The QP and bouzouki, gypsy fiddle and bass trio, Mick Bisiker, Al Romanov and Jadie Carey.