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v. t.1.To seize with the teeth; to gnaw.
[imp. & p. p. Knabbed (năbd); p. pr. & vb. n. Knabbing.]
2.To nab. See Nab, v. t.
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The government fully trusts KNAB and is ready to provide it with all the necessary support, preventing any influence on the work of the Bureau.
Bowling her fourth game, Knab counted seven standing 10-pins in 10 frames.
The anniversary brunch in honor of Knab will be held at the Doubletree Hotel, at the corner of Adams and Park, from 1 p.
Knab and approximate prolate with L = 12 interpolation windows and the NUFFT with 2K + 1 = 13 interpolation samples (i.
9 Gone fishing Every day at Mumbles you can expect to see a vast number of anglers along the seafront around the Knab Rock area looking for their bag of mackerel or a prized sea bass.
Paul O'Grady Live (ITV1, 9pm) Paul has managed to knab one of the best in the business tonight as Barry Manilow joins him on the sofa.
Other species that share the same geographical distribution are included in the Arribalzagia series of Anopheles subgenus such as Anopheles (Anopheles) fluminensis Root, Anopheles (Anopheles) apicimacula Dyar and Knab and Anopheles (Anopheles) punctimacula Dyar and Knab.
Our Hybrid Jack eliminates the need for telephone wiring, coax and other wiring in order to receive digital signals," says John Knab, CEO for Phonex.
En un segundo orden de altitud se encuentran las especies Wyeomyia (Nunezia) bicornis (Root) y Culex (Microculex) daumastocampa Dyar & Knab, las cuales se colectaron en las axilas de Tillandsia biflora (Bromeliaceae: Tillandsiode) (Smith 1971, Chacin 1993) en el Parque Nacional El Avila, entre las altitudes de 2 402-2 537 m (localidad 10), en el sendero que va desde el Pico Goering (2 440 m) hasta el Pico Naiguata (2 765 m), maxima altura en el sistema de la costa.
Una cuestion ya dejada de lado es el problema de la autenticidad, al que Liatsi consecuentemente dedica unicamente las paginas introductorias y sobre el cual remite, entre otros, a la excelente edicion, introduccion y comentario de la Carta VII por Rainer Knab publicada el 2006 (1).