v. i.1.To break off with an abrupt, sharp noise; to bite; to nibble.
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Jeff Knapple, of the American firm Envision, was the man who negotiated the Arsenal - Emirates contract; he believes that naming rights are the third most valuable opportunity available to football (or rugby) clubs after shirt and kit sponsorship.
The policemen said he had seen the puppets himself many times over the years and said the ghost of a Victorian puppeteer named Mr Knapple, who had lived at the house where the yard wall was many years ago, was often seen working the puppets.
This is a test of how art and commerce intersect," says Jeff Knapple, a former Denver Broncos quarterback who heads Envision.
Woody, Steele, Knapple, and Pilkington (1989) noted that one of their patients developed a severe and recurrent Staphylococcus aureus infection.
Given the strength and heritage of the Jets and Giants, coupled with the appeal and size of the market they serve, we anticipate there will be monumental interest in this historic opportunity," said Jeff Knapple, President, WMG Marketing.