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a.1.Knotted. See Gnarled.
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Knarled hands toiled before the light began to fade, Observing from my cracket as another creation was made.
Players at both end of the age scale have made headlines, from rookie Branden Grace's miraculous start and 14-year-old Guan Tianlang's history-making victory in Thailand, to knarled veteran Miguel Angel Jimenez's recent heroics in Hong Kong.
He later revealed that while he was firing into the Hammers' net, he noticed an opposing defender was struggling to get back on the pitch, knarled up in the swaying crowd.
The only reminders of the 21st Century were minibuses, motorcycles and the blue and red plastic bags tucked under bushes, caught in fences and growing from knarled tree branches.
Oh, I know what you would say: "Chuck it!" But, Mama, someday we might want to go over the details, remembering the difference between your soft, tiny, knarled, beringed hands, and the fiat dry words on the page.
Her arthritic knarled hands reach lovingly to grandchildren, her great grandchildren, and us.
Living in the country, I am never short of weather advice from knarled old locals who predict dire meteorological consequences because "the woodlice are mating early this year" or "my Aunt Fanny's rose has got black spot".
Highet has produced a valuable and comprehensive record of frankincense through the ages but of course no book would be complete without a detailed look at the knarled shrub that produces the coveted resin as well as the local cultures and traditions that surround it.
The spectacle of those knarled old men returning to the tiny corner of the planet that began the world's deliverance from the most heinous threat humanity has ever faced, moved me beyond expectation or description.
COLOUR: Susan Moses weeds the borders of Lawford Hill Farm's award- winning garden; FAUNA: Don Moses (left) and Susan Moses (above) keep a check on the many different species of plant in their garden; HELPING HAND: Gardener Peter Aland (right) rotivates the vegetable patch and Don Moses with an interesting knarled tree
Journeying through the kingdom to find replacements, she calls on various gruff locals - the traditional, knarled sort who wear funny hats, and stoop and call her 'ducky'.