Knight of Malta

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Why, one of them is a rich lord from Touraine and the other a knight of Malta, of noble family.
he cried; "one of them is trembling with fever, having failed to adapt himself to this charming country of yours, and the other is a knight of Malta, as timid as a young girl; and for greater security we have taken from them even their penknives and pocket scissors.
It will be well to prepare a light supper, of which you, Athos and Aramis, are not to partake -- Athos, because I told him you had a fever; Aramis, because you are a knight of Malta and won't mix with fellows like us.
My intention is to make profession, and become a knight of Malta," added Bragelonne, letting fall, one by one, words more icy than the drops which fall from the bare trees after the tempests of winter.
Here she integrates a fascinating discussion of Elizabeth's own attachment to physical representations of the cross with theatrical productions such as The Knight of Malta, which "create complex emotional portraits of the faith systems associated with this `Catholic' object" (120).
Even more distinguished was the great Caravaggio allegedly a Knight of Malta who took refuge in Malta following a serious criminal charge in Rome.
Men like William Simon, a Knight of Malta (an elite Catholic business organization) and a former U.

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