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n.1.(Mach.) Act or place of knocking off; that which knocks off;
2.A knockoff.
a.1.That knocks off; of or pertaining to knocking off.
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com/2017/04/28/catch-ratings-season-2-renewed-cancelled/) TV Line , "The Catch" Season 2, episode 8, titled "The Knock-Off," garnered a total of 3.
While fashion aficionados anxiously wait to see what their favorite celebrity will be wearing, lesser known designers are gearing up to make knock-off versions of the nights top fashion moments.
Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but Chinese actresses are being left red-faced after being exposed wearing cheap knock-off versions of haute couture creations.
In many metalcasting facilities, grinding after the riser knock-off is not necessary with the metal neck breaker technology.
He added: "While we all know that cigarettes are bad for us, with knock-off fags the nicotine content can be up to 30 times what the genuine article contains.
Port Republic will join Kroger's burgeoning line of private labels, including Caguama (a Corona knock-off brewed in El Salvador); Hollande 1620, (a Heineken knock-off brewed in the Netherlands); and a line of quasi-crafts from the Tap Room 21 Brewing Co.
Marcelle and her husband, Ronald, now have 1,000 cans of Silly String (and knock-off brand equivalents) in their garage, ready to be shipped to Iraq.
If the product design you are reverse engineering is simply a trade secret, there is nothing to stop you from picking it apart and commercializing your own knock-off version.
Chanel once dismissed a garment in question as a knock-off because of loose threading and poor craftsmanship.
Prime-time viewers, however, haven't fallen in love with Stewart's Donald Trump knock-off, ``The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.
to a step-by-step introduction to the art of haggling, to knowing how to avoid paying thousands of dollars for what might be a cheap knock-off gemstone, to why even the locals may not always obtain the best deals (some shopkeepers can give tourists a lower price than their repeat local customers--who would expect the same bargain every time they walked through the door) to dealing with cultural differences and much more, The Treasures And Pleasures Of Thailand And Myanmar zeroes in on exactly what the money-conscious tourist in Thailand needs to know.